Monday, 29 October 2012

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : rihanna - unapologetic (diamonds deluxe edition box & diamonds executive platinum box)

Riri has announced the deluxe edition box sets for the Unapologetic era (confirming the names I had speculated at) - say hello to the 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Deluxe Edition Box)' & 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Executive Platinum Box)'!! Dive in below to see the contents and my thoughts...

The 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Deluxe Edition Box)' is set to include:

- Deluxe CD version of the album, with a 28-page photo and art booklet (of Michael Muller and Melissa T. Forde's photography) and a 20 minute DVD of never before seen footage of her 'Loud' Tour performance at the O2 Arena in London

- A fan mosaic poster (which you can add your image to at featuring a new image from the 'Unapologetic' photoshoot

- A unisex t-shirt featuring another new image from the photoshoot

- 7 laptop stickers featuring the album art, the 'Diamonds' single cover and other designed images by Mario Hugo

- A limited edition, genuine, conflict-free diamond bracelet in celebration of the single 'Diamonds'. The bracelet will feature a black leather band with a brass disc and 1pt diamond packaged in a R logo card and plastic case

(Retailing at $79)

The 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Executive Platinum Box)' set packaged as a "collar box with trap doors" (!) will include:

- Deluxe CD version of the album

- Fan mosaic poster

- Unisex t-shirt

- Special edition collectible coloured 'Diamonds (Remixes)' vinyl

- 2GB credit card style USB Flash Memory Drive, featuring the 'Unapologetic' artwork

- 7 Art print lithographs (12x15) featuring more unseen images from the album art photoshoot, bound together with an R logo band

- 3 device adhesives of the album artwork, for use on iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone cases

- 7 laptop stickers featuring the album art, the 'Diamonds' single cover and other designed images by Mario Hugo

- A handwritten personal note from Riri, measuring 11x17

- A Rihanna 3D experience found only in this box set - a custom made white View Master (with silver detail) including a vintage reel of 3D images showing Rihanna's style transformation

- 40-page custom Rihanna notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics

-Plus, all boxsets will be individually numbered also

(Retailing at $250)

PHEW! Now that is a Navy overload, if there ever was one!! Where to begin... oh yeah, the price of the 'Diamonds Executive Platinum Box' - ouch! But, the collector (or should I say the Deluxe Edition Junkie/Graphic Design Addict... DEJ or GDJ for short) in me is already formulating what to sell in order to make sure this is sat under my tree for Christmas. Another annoyance is that the diamond bracelet isn't included in the more expensive set - I would gladly trade in the smartphone and laptop stickers - but hey hum. Also, the sets will be released December 11th...a month after the album, so the fans who spend more will have to wait for their copies of the album :/ I really don't know why artists haven't cottoned onto Britney's idea of giving the download of the album to these fans on release day...

Now onto the positives...IT'S A NEW LIMITED EDITION BOX SET TO DROOL/SPECULATE AND GET EXCITED FOR! The 'Talk That Talk (Navy Officer's Chest)' really did not disappoint, so I have every faith that this will be well designed and packaged. There is also a lot of focus on "handwritten" elements, but I'm assuming it'll be a scribbled "R" - like the Navy membership card within the Officer's Chest - but it's all fun and novelty. Also, who is like shaking and crying over the "with trapdoors" description in the packaging!! It's going to be epic!


UPDATE: To give you an idea of what the fan mosaic will look like, take a peak below:

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