Wednesday, 17 October 2012

NEWS : rihanna is set to officially announce 'unapologetic's boxsets!

Have you checked out, yet? No? WELL GET OVER THERE THEN! Shoot...calling yourself part of the Navy...

Anywho! While over there you'll see that Rih is embarking on a new social media voyage (a la the unveiling of the 'Talk That Talk' era on Facebook) - this time it has it's own website, where it states that from following certain tasks fans can win "exclusive content and prizes!". Completing the first step unveiled the chance to upload an image to a fan-mosaic poster (like in Gaga's 'Born This Way (Collector's Edition)') - in the box used to upload your image, it also included this:

"Diamonds Executive Platinum or Diamonds box sets"!!

That's right - 'Unapologetic' is set to be unleashed in two limited edition box sets :D After you'd uploaded your image, you were then told to go to, to pre-order your "fan-only" box set...though they haven't been added to the 'Shop' section of her website yet - so she will surely be officially announcing these awesome sounding limited edition releases soon!

Stay tuned on simonsez-CD to hear the details first...

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