Thursday, 7 June 2012

RANDOM : so cheryl thinks ain't so hot at designing artwork...

So over at my fave blog Popjustice there is an interview with Chezza... she talks about many topics, from Rihanna to songwriting. Towards the end of the questioning she brings up's involvement as her manager, including giving his opinion on her artwork:

He tried to make me a cover for my record actually... I said "I think I'm going to call it this", and he went "come here!". And he got an image off the internet and mocked up a cover of the album in front of me.
Was it any good?
(Pulls unimpressed face) He started to shade bits out and it looked like I was just a head floating in space.
That's a strong look.

Hahaha! Oh, you're creative musically but leave the designing to the professionals... then in future maybe we won't end up with some hot mess looking-ish...

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