Friday, 22 June 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK : wynter gordon - human condition : doleo

In "changing the tempo/changing direction/changing pace but still being fabulous" news, Wynter Gordon has stepped forward this week and announced she is about to begin releasing 4 EPs under the title 'Human Condition', which will explore musical genres from "down south hip-hop to celtic"... yes, Wynter Gordon of 'Dirty Talk'/disco-dance-pop fame! And, for me, I couldn't be more happy! I always felt 'With The Music I Die' was awesome, but it didn't truly reflect the wide range of unreleased material (that were not dance/pop) she had and that deserved to be heard. 

These EPs will truly demonstrate the extent of Gordon's artistic vision :) So the first snippet of the direction we have is the first EP to be released, named 'Doleo' (latin for "pain"). The artwork is so different to what we've seen from her before and I'm so glad - she's truly going all out to show a different feel for this new era. Well done Wynter and I look forward to see what else surfaces...

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