Thursday, 7 June 2012

SHOOTING THE ARTWORK : paloma faith takes us behind the scenes of her album art photoshoot!

I'm sure we can all agree that Paloma Faith's album art for new release 'Fall To Grace' is the best looking slice of heaven that we've been blessed with all year. To celebrate it's release, Ms. Faith has unveiled the behind the scenes video of her shooting the artwork and it is a real treat! Talking about the cover image, Paloma said: "it's supposed to look like I'm sort of falling towards paradise" with the help of tropical birds and a harness o' course... I think they did an amazing job with it, something that is striking, beautiful and original.

Next up is a look at how the cover for 'Picking Up The Pieces' came to be. Pal' explains: "we're trying to achieve the image of me approaching the red carpet, but it's almost like I've been caught before I get there and I'm showing my vulnerability" - inspired by the "tragic glamour" of Marilyn Monroe. (Check out the result here).

The video also gives a sneak peak at the artworks for next singles '30 Minute Love Affair' and 'Just Be'. For '30 Minute' they wanted to create "a dreamy sequence [of] the supposed passion that would have happened" if Paloma had ended up with a guy she fell in love with but never got the chance to tell him.

Paloma then goes on to say that the 'Just Be' cover will "encapsulate me being my most vulnerable" - inspired by the song's message of feeling happy within your own skin, leading to a look with little make up placed within a bare set.

The video then goes on to show other looks created for the album artwork and as ever Faithy be looking hella fabulous and divine and amazing! :) This really is a true testament to what a great artist (musically and visually) she is. How many others can you say that plans out their artwork way in advance, to truly reflect the song's meaning and message while executing it in a stunning and original way. Loving the artwork and I'm putting early bets on that the 'Fall To Grace' album cover will rank vurrry highly in my end of year list! Check out the whole video below:

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