Tuesday, 5 June 2012

LIMITED EDITION : madonna - the immaculate collection (the royal box edition)

so i asked simonsez-CD readers (some time ago, sorry for the delay!) which limited edition piece they wanted a cover-to-cover review of next and y'all chose....madonna's 'the immaculate collection (the royal box edition'. enjoyyyyyy:

so this 1990 release was to celebrate madge's first compilation album, which included all her hits from her debut in 1984 right up through to the 90s. it was also used to commemorate her highly successful appearance at the 1990 mtv video music awards - where she performed a marie antoinette-inspired performance of 'vogue'. so let's dive in...

the front cover of 'the royal box', one of the first deluxe editions that used the vinyl sized shape that many of the modern limited releases use.

the back of the edition shows the first use of the vma 1990 performance:

inside of the lid of the box

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when the lid is taken off you are greeted by...a big piece of white...

which can be moved of course :)

this "piece o' white" can be unfolded into a 6 panel poster

which uses that dee-lightful "M" emblem :)

the contents of the edition: a vhs featuring all the greatest hits' videos, a set of postcards and 'the immaculate collection' CD

'the immaculate collection'

this special version, included only in 'the royal box', has been created as a silk-covered digipak

the back...

...and the side are blank, but you still get that deluxe feel from the material :D


the booklet has been attached to the inside of the digipak

and features the photoshoot madonna shot with herb ritts! iconic. stunning. black and white realness!

now onto those postcards (you know you love 'em!) - all held together by a sweet, monogrammed, translucent paper tie.

now for some vhs-realness (remember this was released in 1990...so this was the height of sophistication)

has a two panel cover incorporated into in, madonna doesn't simply have a slipcase for her videotapes!

DVDs will never compete with the feel of a chunky-ass vhs tape!

haha, and there we go! love this edition, i'd kept my eye out for some time for a copy that was cheap enough for my lowly-student budget to allow me to purchase (i got it for £45...which took two years to find! they usually retail for £75) and when i finally got it, i was overjoyed. it was one of the earliest "deluxe editions" - which incorporated album artwork design in a whole new way. for that (and the fact it includes a vhs video...) it gets my vote as a good 'un! well done madonna (circa 1990).

originality : 7/10
materials : 9/10
design : 8/10
the music : 8/10
overall : 8/10

rarity : all sold out, can only be found on eBay - retailing £75 and above.

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