Tuesday, 5 June 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK & PROMO PIC : ciara - sweat (ft 2chainz) & one woman army promo

cici be back!!! :D the song is fyah and i couldn't be happier, this time it better work for her! she needs appreciation. loving the "emblem" feel of the artwork, hoping we get some rihanna navy-style logos popping up! you can feel the military influence on the visual - "stencil" type, stars, bullet holes etc. - all linking into the album title 'one woman army'

speaking of the album, gurl has uploaded some early promo pictures for the campaign - again with the military feel (stars 'n' stripes, camouflage netting, "stencil" type). we may be in for another 'fantasy ride', where she follows through with a visual concept throughout the whole era! #excited

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