Friday, 22 June 2012

NEW REMIX ALBUM ARTWORK : björk - biophilia (the remix series 1-6)

Everyone remember Björk's latest album 'Biophilia'? Yes you do (refresh your memory here) and you also remember it being released in an ay-may-zang limited edition boxset (including tuning forks!!) - well now it is getting the remix treatment. But, rather then releasing one album of remixes - like she'd do anything by the book - B has decided to unleash 8 seperate remix albums (each in standard and deluxe form), so fans truly get a feel for 'Biophilia' remixed! Check out the first 6 below:

Series 1 - Standard & Deluxe 

Series 2 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 3 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 4 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 5 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 6 - Standard & Deluxe


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