Friday, 20 July 2012

NEW PROMO PIC & LOGO ARTWORK : mutya keisha siobhan

AWWWMAAAGAWWWD! An exciting day in the world of pop, that is for sure! So the original Sugababes members (Origibabes as the internet has come to christen them...) have finally announced their reunion and I couldn't be more ecstatic! So here is what we know already:

The girls (who obviously can't use the Sugababes name) have decided to keep it simple and elegant and name themselves... Mutya Keisha Siobhan. Keeping their elements of individuality, but definitely standing together excited for the future!

The girls have released two promo images (shot by fashion photographer Paul Scala) - see them at the top and bottom of this post. They look fun, together and effing stunning!

They have a new logo and I frigging love it:

( looks like a slightly simpler version of the type used in the last Sugababes logo. Also, loving the use of dashes - elegant yumness galore.)

So, to conclude. I'm excited. You should be as well. I'll update when that all important single and album artwork arises...

p.s. I have loved Sugababes and ALL their members, from Day One. You'll find no hate for any of them hear, just excitement and support :)

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