Monday, 16 July 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : pink - the truth about love

UPDATE : So, after reading a post on one of my favourite blogs (The Prophet Blog
 - check it!), my view on this cover altered. The Proph' noted that 'Funhouse' was a "modern take on the vintage, carnival setting, while 'The Truth About Love' puts an edgier spin on the fifties pin-up look"...SO TRUE! Just from those words, I can seperate the two albums and get re-excited for this album. Amen.

I'm torn. Half of me loves it. Half of me feels she's done the "vintage" look before (see photography from 'I'm Not Dead' or overall design of 'Funhouse'). For me, this album needs to be different from the last two - they were both solid and awesome pieces...but they were basically the same album, if we're all honest (even down to their artwork and booklets). So, I'm going to hold my breath until I see the future single covers and the full album layout design.

p.s. We all know Pink is amazing though. No denying that fact.

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