Friday, 27 July 2012

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : kylie minogue - K25 time capsule

Oh yes, oh yum! Hold onto your knickers gays, girls and guys - Kylie is bringing out a new limited edition collector's item :D So, as you know, 2012 is the 25th anniversary of Kylie's music career and she has dubbed it 'K25'. Each month she has revealed a new surprise and part of June's is a singles collection called 'K25 Time Capsule'!

At the moment the early pictures (above and below this post) make it look like a similar design to Britney's 'The Singles Collection' release - with the boxset including a number of discs, each holding a couple of songs. Obviously Kylie's is set to include 25...duhh! :) I can't tell much more from the pictures...other then it has an excellent use of the 'K25' logo, a cute black'n'pink colour scheme and an even cuter use of a vintage Kylie pic on one side opposite to an up-to-date-fierce-as-you-like Kylie snap! I'll keep you updated on any new info and make sure you pre-order yours here!

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