Tuesday, 31 July 2012

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : ellie goulding - halcyon (special edition)

Yummmay! So after unveiling the standard edition cover for her sophomore album, 'Halcyon', Ellie has now announced that the release will also come in the form of a special edition box set - with it's own artwork. Also set to include: an exclusive bonus track, eco-friendly packaging, a specially commissioned piece of jewellery and an A3 poster featuring an exclusive image from Ellie's "recent artwork shoot". That is all well and dandy, but the most interesting part about the piece is that it will be limited to 2000 copies and each one will have an individual number AND a completely unique, signed Polaroid image taken of Ellie during the lead-up to the release. Now, this is such a crazy coincidence, as only the other day I had been thinking that it would be such an awesome inclusion in a deluxe edition for the artist to take a whole set of polaroids and include a different one in each box set...it's original, artistic and personal - I applaud Ms. Goulding for being the first to do it! Consider mine pre-ordered :D

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