Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK : havana brown - when the lights go out

So after I showed you how photoshop editing can be done well (a la JoJo) - I now show you how it can be overused and create something so unsubtle and nasty looking, it really makes you question whether you want to delve into the music within. Case: DJ Havana Brown, Australian diva who gifted us the delight called 'We Run The Night' a few months back. She has now released her debut EP (a taster before her debut album) and the cover is some garishness that even someone with a strong stomach would retch at. The over soft, 'glow' look added to her skin is what chaps my ass most - who thinks that looks good? Grr! Also that type is awful, a black outline and white fill...hello MS Paint. Hav, sack the graphic designer...

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