Saturday, 3 December 2011

THE WEEK'S MOST POPULAR! - 27th november/3rd december

a lot of 1Ders are still checking for their favourite boys for another week (even making two entries on this week's 'most popular'!) and the album's done vurrry well in the real album charts also (placing number 2!). well done one direction :D 

and so labrinth climbs up the 'most popular' again, well done lab and tinie! (still loving both the song and artwork...)

although it's slipped down one place, lots of people still interested in seeing this remix artwork...and for another week i'm hoping that 'turn me on' is the next single...

the second non mover this week goes to cher lloyd! though this song and the album has been out a few weeks now, her "brats" are still looking her up! supposedly she's going to be doing a beyoncé with the next few song releases, filming multiple videos for different album tracks! (hoping she also does beyoncé by releasing new artwork for each as well...)

and now for the SECOND one direction entry this week, this time for the album's exclusive slipcases, featuring each individual member. well done to the lads, glad they're getting so much success...hoping with future releases they step up the visual side of things, but there's plenty o' time for that!


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