Saturday, 24 December 2011

THE WEEK'S MOST POPULAR! - 18th/24th december

ANOTHER week at the top...haha, well done again one direction boys :)

wow...they've taken over the top 2 spots...come on lads, give someone else a chance!

down one place on the chart, but still ayy lotta people looking up this artwork. personally, i'm still not mad keen on how cheap it looks...but i guess it does the job :)

well, lot's of people are interested in this artwork again. i'm assuming people have been rediscovering it for their office christmas party playlists! well done olls :D

an entry that seems out of nowhere, not only is it an older artwork from this year...but it's the japanese cover for it! well done jessie :D i'm assuming the resurgence in interest is due to her releasing the 'deluxe' and 'platinum' editions of 'who you are' for christmas time...

thatttttt wassss christmassss week'ssss mosssst popularrrrr!

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