Thursday, 1 December 2011

DISCOVERED : the charlies - start a fire

a new icelandic girl group (originally a quartet called 'nylon') who are about to hit it big with their 'femme fatale'-like brand of pop! check out the download for their debut EP here, i've been absolutely loving it!... well that's the music out the way, now to the artwork... it is a major mess and does not do them justice :/ i know it's only an EP, but it's also the first showing of the band's visual side. that band logo, with it's weathered ITC avant garde gothic nastiness and the faux-typewriter look of the EP's title type set it all off wrong. i included the EP's back cover also, it just further shows that the designer has been hovering around microsoft word and paint programmes too long!

i realise this sounds like a majah rant...but i hate when bad design stands in the way of people taking notice of good music! sort it out charlies, as i want you to do welllll!

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