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2011 is over and what a year it's been for cover artwork and limited edition releases! as a way of rounding up the year and also thanking you for your support of the simonsez-CD blog, i thought i'd make a run down of my top 10 favourite cover artworks from the year :)

SO what are you waiting for?? look below to see who made the top ten....

10. melanie c - the sea
(album artwork)

for me this artwork was a return to form to her 'northern star' hey day (i've always loved that album's artwork). simple, elegant and hella cool.

9. florence + the machine - ceremonials
(album artwork)


8. natalia kills - kill my boyfriend
(single artwork)

only released in the latter part of the year, this artwork still managed to strike a chord with me...something about the image and that red/turquoise colouring to the collage around the type. it works and it works well.

7. lana del rey - video games/blue jeans
(single artwork)

2011 was the jumping off point of larns' career (i'm sure 2012 will see her rise even higher) and with this being her debut artwork, the only way is up :) ... something about the 50's throwback in the palette and the logo really get me going! this is the type of cover artwork which makes me want to get the vinyl edition of it to put on my wall!

6. the saturdays - all fired up
(single artwork)

was i the only one who was so happy to see the return of "a different colour for each saturday" in 2011?! ...and i still heart their logo! i'd say that this era's artwork has been a tad hit and miss, but this definitely stands strong as an awesome cover artwork!

5. lady gaga - the edge of glory
(single artwork)

so, i had a difficult time picking an artwork from gargs' discography from 2011...i remember the feelings i felt when the 'born this way' single cover was revealed (my heart leapt and there was definite shaking n' crying...) and i love 'you and i's use of joe calderone. but there was something extra about the then-buzz single 'edge of glory's artwork, when it was released in the countdown to the album's release. to me, there was no fault to be found with it. flawless-gaga-fierce-ness.

4. dev - in the dark
(single artwork)

i still wish this had been the album cover. grace jones' artwork has always been an inspiration to me and i love the reference to it in dev's sky scraping wig and the choppy image of this cover.

3. natalia kills - perfectionist
(album artwork)

delicious to the extreme! the film noir-inspired visuals of kills have given my 2011 life. you can't falter a black/white 'n' red combo and the cross over her eyes has always kept me happy :) perfection indeed.

2. nicola roberts - cinderella's eyes
(album artwork)

NICOLA ROBERTS A.K.A. THE PATRON SAINT OF COVER ARTWORK! who knew in january that in the year ahead the red head from girls aloud would emerge as a bonafide solo star with such an eye for cover artwork! i want to take a moment to specially mention the 'beat of my drum' cover... DELECTABLE! and the 'lucky day' artwork...AMAZING! and also the 'yo-yo' artwork... INSPIRED! snaps to nix for a solid visual theme throughout all of her covers, for keeping it real and for being errryone's new fave girls alouder! :D:D


1. mýa - k.i.s.s. (keep it simple & sexy)
(album artwork)

miss mýa may have not been at the top of the charts for some time, but that has not stopped the girl's grind to keep releasing music. as she is not funded by a major record label it has sometimes led to piss-poor cover artworks (check out 'someone come get this bitch'...disgraceful). but from nowhere, this beauty of an album cover appeared! i have loved it all year and felt that my-my should come out of 2011 with at least one number 1 hit :)

p.s. love the shout out to janet's 'control' artwork (another fave) with the hand drawn markings running through it :D

and there we go. another end to another year. hope you all keep safe and well in 2012 and keep checking back to see the latest single, album and limited edition pop/r&b artwork :D:D

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