Monday, 5 December 2011

DISCOVERED: charli xcx - nuclear seasons & stay away

so from one "discovered" post about piss-poor artwork to...this! charli xcx has been a long time in the making (though is still just a teen...though in pop years, isn't that like 40?) and she's my new fave :D her moody, synthy, indie-ish pop is delightful and even from the few artwork pieces and photoshoots that have arisen from her she seems very in control and aware of what image she wants to put across. below you can see her latest single 'nuclear seasons' with it's strong (almost 'the fame monster'-esque) type and that purple, loving it! and also her older, buzz single ' stay away'. still holding that strong, defined and (never overdone) black and white image. really looking forward to 2012 for her!

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