Monday, 5 December 2011

DISCOVERED : from above - breaking from above & not the same girl

so many music blog regulars will probably have seen a post or two about matthew knowles' latest venture into girl group-dom with the quintet from above. they're five british girls who've been put together (through an mtv reality show "breaking from above" and have quite a solid sound, think danity kane-lite :) the downfall is the image. good gracious tonight, the image! take a look at the hot mess of a cover below for their album 'breaking from above' and debut single 'not the same girl':

from the poor quality photography, to the girls' styling (a tutu...really?), to the embarrassing "infinity sign" graphic in the logo...wrong, wrong, wrong...and the songs are really quite good, it's a shame that they'll probably fall at the first hurdle as people will not get past the image!

and then there's the single artwork, sorry for the tiny size, matthew's marketing of the girls has been pretty poor, meaning that the single has had no coverage, so no higher quality versions of the artwork! (though to be honest, would you wanna see that wack type and colour combo any bigger? would you? WOULD YOU?)

all in all, i didn't do this post as a massive negative fest, i really had the intention of showcasing a new girl group that have potential...they just need a MAJAH image overhaul! i believe in from above...fingers crossed that we see that pink tutu set alight in the new year!

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