Friday, 16 December 2011

THE WEEK'S MOST POPULAR! - 11th/17th december

1. (-) one direction - up all night (limited yearbook edition)
will that 1D reign let up anytime soon?? haha, lots of fans still looking for this cover...FOR ANOTHER WEEK! well done lads.

2. (new entry) sean paul - she doesn't mind
seany p's latest smash! i've already expressed my distaste for this cover (feels a tad cheap etc etc.), but you can't argue with the amount of views it's getting...

3. (re entry) one direction - gotta be you direction...let someone else have a go at "the most popular"...JEEZ! :)

4. (new entry) jls - do you feel what i feel?
jls have released their third single from their third album, this lovely poppy jam :D loving that they're keeping a theme to this artwork (see colour, logo etc.)...and glad this one is ayyy lot less cheesy then the other covers of the era!

5. (new entry) olly murs - heart skips a beat
and another new entry...this time from olly murs :) STILL loving this song.

and that was this week's "most popular!" :D:D:D

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