Tuesday, 28 February 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : madonna - girl gone wild

annnnnd another madonna update! the single's title has been changed from 'girls gone wild' to 'girl gone wild', due to a legal dispute with entrepreneur joe francis, who claims the song's name and content links in too closely with his brand of explicit videos (which are also titled "girls gone wild"). so a change was made and the cover's artwork was amended also. instead of just taking out an "s" though...they changed the whole typeface...and simonsez no likey. it went from being the classy side of sexy to the trashy side (highlighting the power of typography!), all in the swift swoop of cheap looking ghostly/light writing typeface. compare the new cover and the original below and tell me what you think: "yuck!" or "yay!"?

updated official cover:

original (and in my opinion..) better cover:

also check out the lyric video, which gives an up close and personal view of the artwork, while listening to the song :D

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