Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NEW PROMO PIC : lady gaga - the born this way ball tour

mad excited for this tour (the idea of "the monster pit" is sending me into a frenzy!!) and the lady has slowly been eeking out details over the past week. today saw the unveiling of the official tour poster...and it isn't great. there are some redeeming qualities: the logo (that impact-style type is still hitting the spot for me), the snippets of the new stage (turrets! TURRETS!!) and gargs voguing it the hell up with a piano dress (i have it in blue). but what in the sweet sam hell is going on in the top half?! why has that olllld promo pic been photoshopped into the clouds :/ i don't get it...and the ugly turquoise/pink shades seeping out of the sky are just eww. on first thoughts it is nothing on the the monster ball tour poster in my opinion.

whadda you think?

p.s. for reals...cut off the top half and k.i.s.s. (keep it sexy & simple, mya-style) with straight black and white. BOOM!

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