Tuesday, 7 February 2012

RANDOM : get a feel for soso's album artwork...

sophia somajo...or soso, as she now wants to be known...has been keeping my alt-pop cravings sat-iss-fyed for some time now and i've been keeping track of her creative process through her tumblr blog. the images she posts or reblogs have always intrigued me, seemingly random in content, but always having some sort of visual or contextual link between them. so i decided to ask her a lil' question:

and soph was kind enough to reply:

she so kooky and i love it! the album is set to be called 'the time i dug so deep i ended up in china' and i want you all to check out her tumblr page, to see all the awesome imagery she's getting inspired by:

(WARNING: my contain some explicit content, that simonsez is not in control of)

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