Thursday, 9 February 2012

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : katy perry - teenage dream : the complete confection

UPDATE 2 : i purchased the physical version of the disc and it actually comes as a lenticular cover! one way is the original artwork...the other shows 'the complete confection' cover :P

UPDATE : all the sizes for this cover, that i've found, have not been square...but longer in width...which...uh-oh...i think means we're getting a slip case :/ :/ kates don't do this to us....

delicious. delightful. delectable. it's campy and sickly sweet and i love it! i'm hoping for an expanded booklet, SEVERAL smells to indulge in (i'm thinking pop corn, strawberry, old-woman-katy-from-'the one that got away's-video etc. etc.), new photoshoot/unreleased images (though i'm not holding out for the pic of katy on the cover is owwwwd!). there's not been any word yet...but i'm hoping for a limited, deluxe, candified edition...there would be so much they could do with it!

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