Wednesday, 1 February 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : pixie lott - kiss the stars

oh good lord pixie's camp are not doing their job properly! i've said before, that her releases have always seemed sloppily planned and the same can now be said for her latest single 'kiss the stars'. the (awful) music video was released a couple of weeks ago now...and the artwork for the song never is so poor! her visuals have been all over the place and her team don't seem to mind. if they keep carrying on down this route, i'm not holding out for there being a third album... ANYWHO! this cover has surfaced...i really don't know if it is official :/ do i care anymore?

ok, rant take 2! i think what annoys me is that pixie doesn't take charge of her releases, she is on facebook. she uses twitter. but doesn't appear to use it to reveal details of her releases to fans (or "crazy cats" as she seems to really want to call them...). for me, artists like lady gaga and madonna work so well and achieve their success through having well planned out strategies for their music. using things like the cover artwork of a single to drum up interest in songs and give fans something to dig their teeth into. pixie seems to skip from one single to another (a really solid song like 'what do you take me for' the unoriginal rubbish that is 'kiss the stars') and not really make an effort to actually show that she 1. knows or 2. cares about what is going on with her music's release. it baffles me.

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