Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NEW ALBUM, LIMITED EDITION & SINGLE ARTWORK : kylie - kiss me once (album & limited edition vinyl boxset) & into the blue

Now, as loyal followers of this blog may know - simonsez is an avid fan of some Kylie artwork. Like really REALLY. So when a new Kylie era begins, you know I have some high standards for her to meet ;) So dive in below to Ms. Minogue's eleventh release...

It is titled 'Kiss Me Once' and the artwork is giving me hints of Christina's 'Bionic', with all it's red-lipstick-sex-in-the-shower realness. I'm liking it a lot!

AND you know I'm always sold on a special, limited edition release of an album :D:D and this one will not disappoint! The limited edition run will include:

- 12" vinyl and CD version of the album
- 5 x 12" art prints - featuring an exclusive image from the album photoshoot and a lifesize Kylie lip print (EEEE!)
- 12" sticker sheet of lip prints
- (What I'm most excited for!) A 'faux window' featuring waterdrops and the album title, so you can recreate the album cover...get that rep lipstick ready!
- Also, 100 will randomly be selected and signed by the 5ft diva herself!

- Due to major demand the run will now be 3,500 and each one will have a hand numbered print included (probably the image that is exclusive to the boxset)

Praise be!

Not done yet on this Kylie extravanganza - there's the single artwork to go at yet! Below is 'Into The Blue', the first offering from the new era and it is euphoric bliss from start to finish. It has elements of a mermaid (almost like when Ariel first gets her legs and fashions a garment out of an old ships sail... but better!).

Also we get a glimpse of a new logo from this album, still keeping elements of the pillar effect that the 'Aphrodite' album used - love it! Check out a higher quality version below:



Kylie sent out an image on her Instagram account of her holding the single's promo CD and the artwork appears to be altered, focusing more on the handwritten type...I hope they haven't let go of the new 'Kylie' logo :(


  1. The single artwork is amazing - just need to get my hands on that promo CD!

    The album artwork has grown on me - not her best but still pretty good. Can't wait for my order of the limited box set (and the ITB 7") to arrive :)

    1. Definitely! I love it - so excited for the special edition of the album too :)