Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NEW SINGLE & REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : katy perry - dark horse (ft. juicy j) & dark horse (remix) (ft. pitbull)

Now let's start on a positive, shall we? I love this artwork. I love the depth, I love the colour palette, I love that it's illustration and takes notes from Mucha's iconic image. This type of image could evoke a whole host of associated visuals for a whole era... So why has Katy had such scattered visuals so far with everything associated with 'Prism'? 

From those dark teasers professing the 'Teenage Dream' era was dead to the campy, Tarzan rip off that was the 'Roar' video to the hippy, "flowers and peace" 'Prism' artwork etc etc. It just all feels so disjointed and sloppy. Granted the 'Unconditionally' video/single cover were flawless pieces...but they were quickly brushed over and it was onto the next. Which is this:

BUT then a 'remix' single cover has also appeared - for the Pitbull (eek) version of the song. It, quite heavy handedly, features a dark horse and then all the confidence the original artwork gives me drains out my soul... So fingers crossed the video is half decent and doesn't feature Pitbull next to a swimming pool.

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