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LIMITED EDITION : cheryl - only human (boxset)

 As a progression from her last album (2012's 'A Million Lights'), Cheryl seemed to up the quality-factor of music and visual with this album, in conjunction with her return to the X-Factor. This also saw a high-quality boxset version released for the new album 'Only Human'. Let's jump into it below and see what Mrs Fernandez-Versini has to offer!
First off, I think this is her best album cover to date. They've all been pretty standard head-on beauty shots but this one seems to up the gloss factor with that animal strip running through her face and the type is simpler and more striking. YES!
For the boxset, the type gets an added edge of a lovely burgundy coloured foiling, I love it.

The foiling is used on the back cover of the box also, for the tracklisting:

The boxset has a lovely matte finish for the cover and the hinged lid fits beautifully over the base.

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 One feature of the set is five individuallywrapped photographs, each in their own tissue paper wallet.

This version was the "signed edition", so one photo was held and signed by the lady herself...

Another USP of the boxset is that one of the photographs was a never before used image, not seen in the usual album booklet.

The glossiness of the photographs, especially when seen next to the textured wallets, adds to the feel of this set - adding another dimension of design.

Beneath the photos, the deluxe version of the album (featuring 3 extra bonus tracks) is nestled beneath.

The the box is well crafted and sturdy, the materials have been much more thought out as opposed to previous special edition's of Chezza's albums, which have felt almost flimsy before.

The CD disc carries on the glossy/gold feel and we get some more of that animal-inspired artwork!

The gatefold folds out further to see that fierce leopard print image, which has the booklet nestled within one of the panels. The booklet itself shows a slightly varied image to the album cover, a touch I always appreciate (sometimes 4 different uses of the album cover within a deluxe edition can be a bit too much).

The booklet has quite a few pages and extensive linear notes, so instead of photographing each page I went for my favourite image below :) Panther on the runway!

And here is the full contents of the edition:

Gorgeous! Such a concise, well produced and properly designed set. I wasn't expecting it to be so well put together (to be honest) in its materials, layout and use of the album imagery. It makes me happy that more thought has been placed on this release as the music is a step up from her previous albums. Still not a "Thriller", but sonically it sounds more like an album rather than singles and filler. So a well designed cover and artwork goes towards the album campaign also. I love to see that. Glossy and gorgeous :)
Originality : 6/10
Materials : 8.5/10
Design : 8/10
The Music : 7/10
Overall : 7/10

Rarity: 1000 were produced and it is still available on her official store - but the signed edition seen here has sold out.

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