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LIMITED EDITION : laroux - trouble in paradise (deluxe box set)

When Laroux first announced a comeback after multiple years silence, I was very happy. I was even happier when the 'Trouble In Paradise' album was announced and EVEN HAPPIER when the cover art was unveiled (stay tuned for that, if you still haven't feasted your eyes). The cherry on top of this already multi-layered feast was that the album would also be released a deluxe box let's go In For The Kill and dive in...

One major selling point of this edition was the fact it has it's own exclusive cover, very much in the vein of it's Pop Art, collagey original artwork - this one elaborates more on the lazy, sun soaked Americana imagery we had already seen glimpses of.

And what says Americana better than a nice glossy glaze! Certain elements of the matte cover have been stencilled out in a shiny coating which adds to the texture and look of the piece. Stunning :)

This is a limited edition boxset - only 3000 were produced - each one is individually stamped.

I love that the outside box feels quite understated, glossy and white. It makes the insides pop even more so...

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The first layer of goodies we get to is the specially designed T-shirt, for the set. It's the first glimpse of that gorgeous artwork too - YASSS!

Go a layer deeper and you get even more of that cover art - repetition to the extreme, just like an Andy Warhol production line :)

Let's look at the 12" vinyl first and once you open the gatefold you are greeted by this striking image:

See what I mean about the colours waiting inside, this goes a step further with the inner sleeve that houses the vinyl.

Each side of the vinyl has close up elements of the collage-type images used throughout the album artwork. Showing the details that have been thought about and tied into the overall look and feel.

All these saturated blue skies, there can't be a care in the world for Ms. Laroux!

Beneath the vinyl layer is the CD version of the album, slotted into it's on compartment at the base of the edition. Here you can see the additional card which has a code to download the album digitally - another piece featuring the beautiful cover! You can also see here the ribbon that runs from the base and wraps around all the contents, allowing for easy lifting and removing of each layer.

Another nice touch is that every boxset's CD has been signed :D Who doesn't appreciate that!

More instances of Pop Art repetition - within the vinyl and CD artwork.  I think I love this image even more than the cover - there's something so graphic and clean about it, with that amazing yellow colour cutting through the middle.

The booklet features more of the Richard Hamilton-esque Pop artwork and I can't get enough of it! (it's like that scene in "Coyote Ugly" where they're in a room of loads of cardboard cut outs...)

Well wasn't that a delicious box set that went off with a *pop*! From the repeated use of it's Richard Hamilton inspired artwork, the collage elements throughout the booklet and repeated uses of images, it is a well thought out, sleek homage to Americana and Pop Art. Even the size of the box feels American, almost too much for what was inside, but it adds to the glossy feel with that exclusive new artwork and added stencil elements. Very happy with this one!

Originality : 6/10
Materials : 9/10
Design : 8/10
The Music : 8/10
Overall : 8/10

Rarity: 3000 were made and it is still available on Laroux's official store - get it quick!

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