Thursday, 8 August 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK & PROMO PIC : lady gaga - applause

SO! simonsez has been majorly slack the past couple of months...oops! Blame it on me finishing Uni, moving home, looking for jobs and gettin' myself a mans :P As always, the pop music world doesn't stop turning - so there is A LOT to catch up with and what better way to start then with a Gaga post....

Gargs set the net a buzzin' the last couple of weeks by slowly dropping a steady stream of promo images that would get the little monsters slobbering for the 'ARTPOP' era. Above is the cover for the album's first single and here is an image of Lady G working on creating the sad clown/Batman's Joker masterpiece:

The collection of promo images revealed so far are pretty interesting too, giving hints at what to expect from the new era. Futuristic, lots of technology nods and big hair...what else could you want??

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