Thursday, 8 August 2013

NEW SINGLE & ALBUM ARTWORK : ariana grande - baby i & yours truly

Ariana has quickly become a favourite of mine with her Mariah/Ashanti 90/00s throwbacks and powerhouse vocals. Her artworks aren't anything to shout about - but they all tie in to the cutesy image she's garnered so far. Here is second single 'Baby I'...

The album cover has a funny story behind it, below is the official artwork being used for the debut..

... but originally this cover was revealed online. Backlash greeted it, with many fans calling it a "lolita"-esque porn movie cover...awkward. The record company quickly pulled it back and revealed the now much more subdued artwork you see above... Personally I love how tacky the original one is. At least it  gets people talking and still conveys that goody two shoes image Ariana has been coming with :P (...even if she didn't intend it for the consumption of middle aged men with a thing for younger females).

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