Monday, 19 November 2012

NEW PROMO PICS & BACK COVER ARTWORK : keyshia cole - woman to woman

Today saw Keyshia revealing the promo images for her latest release 'Woman To Woman' - which all hold a really interesting twist... Ms. Cole appears to be giving a nod to her four previous albums' artworks, with famed photographer Derek Blanks having her pose alongside herself styled to look like each era. Check them out below!

Here she is rocking the original hood girl look that we all fell in love with - from her debut album 'The Way It Is':

The short black 'do from third album 'A Different Me'...

Key redid her heart-shaped lipstick to capture the look from underrated fourth album 'Calling All Hearts'...

And the short, blonde and curly look from sophomore (and personal favourite) release 'Just Like You' gets pride of place as the album's back cover artwork!

Loving this concept! Originally I had thought the album's title referred to a conversation between two women (especially since the title track from the release features Ashanti) - but these concept photographs make me think she is going for the idea of a woman growing into an even wiser woman. Anyone who has listened to a Keyshia Cole album knows she pours a helluva lot of emotion into it, from her debut to present day, but she is honest about the fact she is always growing and learning.

Really proud of Keyshia for stepping up her concepts, ideas and visuals this era (see: artworks and music videos), as a fan you can really see her artistic growth and it is great to witness her projects matching the quality she holds in her musical talent and ability! Bring on 'Woman To Woman'...

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