Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NEW ALBUM & EP ARTWORK : kate nash - girl talk & death proof

UPDATE : Check out the HQ version of the album art here!

EEEEEE! Kate's long-awaited 3rd album has just been announced - titled 'Girl Talk'. she has teamed up with the very cool PledgeMusic website and is asking fans for funding (in return for the album or exclusive goodies) to help finance the album and get her music out there! (Check her page at: pledgemusic.com/projects/katenash). On the site, a LQ version of the album cover was also revealed...check out the handmade realness below:

ALSO, a special EP 'Deathproof' was announced, which will be gifted to every fan that pledges on her page - the tracklist hasn't been announced yet, but I saw Kate during her pre-release tour for the album and all the songs sounded amazing!

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