Friday, 30 March 2012

! updated ! NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : rihanna - talk that talk (the rihanna navy box & navy officer's chest) (collectible charms pin)

so the other day i posted my cover-to-cover review of riri's 'talk that talk (navy officer's chest)' set and one beady eyed reader noticed that the charms pin (see above) i had in my version of the edition, differed to their own (see below). it appears that the "R" logo charm is on all the pins, but the ones either side differ (a bleeding heart, a skull and crossbones, a navy anchor and a revolver). which led me to think, how many other charms are there? (the collector in me is raging haha!) has anyone else out there got a copy of the package, do they have any other kind of charms? get in touch, simonsez would LOVE to know :)

(thanks to Emmily!)

another reader has sent in a picture of their navy chest's charms, showing that you could receive a lock or a rose charm!

(thanks to @ssRIHmix)


  1. Hi! I wish I got the skull & crossbones! The charms accompanying my R are: heart with a keyhole and a rose with small R logo on it. I have a picture on my twitter account at the following link:!/ssRIHmix/status/182664977373601792/photo/1

  2. Hey! thanks so much for showing me your charms, I'd love to add them to this post if you didn't mind? I can source your twitter if you like? i had no idea there would be so many versions of the charms, i'm loving the rose charm you have! thanks for reading the blog as well :)