Tuesday, 6 March 2012

NEWS : chris brown hopes to "revolutionise album packaging"...

yep, you read it right, breezy is hoping to get everyone back into loving album artwork and packaging with his up coming release (and that makes him alright with me!). so you remember when i posted the 'fortune' album cover' and noted that i had seen his "new language" symbols (see below) floating around on his twitter page and in 'turn up the music's artwork and video :

the symbols spell out 'f-o-r-t-u-n-e', duhh...

 well now it has arisen that the symbols will tie into an overall concept that chris has for the album's release and packaging. the photographer's who shot the artwork (gomillion and leupold) spoke to 92.3 now and shed some light on how the cover came about and what fans could look forward to:

“The funny thing about that blue is it basically just happened. It matched the suit and it gives kind of a futuristic vibe. You’ll see blue throughout the packaging. Courtney Walter [Art Director] and Chris came up with the hieroglyphics that you see on the cover, the hieroglyphic writing is going to let the fans send coded messages to each other, like back in the day when you could get a decoder in a cereal box. There will be a way where you can let people decode messages. For the fans it’s a good way to connect. It can be kind of romantic.”
Not only will the album packaging be the biggest he’s ever seen, but according to Gomillion, it will be a collector’s item.
“I can’t go into too many details,” Gomillion said. “But it will give you a lifestyle of the artist, not just a few pictures inside. It’s going to be something no one has ever seen.”

*sharp intake of breath* yessssss! even though it sounds ever so slightly bigged up ("something no one has ever seen before" is a huge statement...), i am so excited to see what they do with the packaging and if chris has actually created something on another level. what are people imagining? with the words "collector's item" floating around, i'm assuming there will be the standard album and then a limited edition release as well! hopefully the design team will have quality at the forefronts of their minds, with the intention of creating something spectacular that ties in with the concept, not just a novelty "cereal box" piece...

(source: 923now.radio.com)

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