Saturday, 24 March 2012

NEW BOXSET ARTWORK : madonna - original album series & the complete studio albums (1983-2008)

celebrating the end of her contract with warner music, madonna's back catalogue is being repackaged into some delightful boxsets for the uber fans (or for those who want to catch up on some major madonna history before they purchase 'MDNA'...)! the first is a 5-disc set of her most successful albums ('true blue', 'like a prayer', 'ray of light', 'music' and 'confessions on a dancefloor'). for me, the artwork is not great resembling a cover of one of those unofficial collections, that seem thrown together and ignore any sort of concept that the albums held (also the type looks nasty as hell...). take a look at the 'original album series' artwork below:

the second is a much more extensive collection of all ELEVEN studio albums (the previous five as well as 'madonna', 'like a virgin', 'erotica', 'bedtime stories','american life' and 'hard candy'), very originally titled 'the complete studio albums (1983-2008)'. i'm liking this artwork much more then the smaller boxset, maybe as it shows off more of her majorly iconic covers, but more so as it feels a little subtler. also that logo/nameplate in the centre seems to hark back to the 'the immaculate collection' artwork, always love me some throwback nods to old pieces!

the image below shows how the discs will be housed, in individual slipcases. unfortunately it doesn't look like there will be any booklet/foldout included and each of the discs look like they are the original nothing new here and the only artwork you'll really get will be the cover of each album :/

simonsez sidenote: take a look at my review of kylie minogue's 'the collection : the albums (2000-2010)', very similar to madonna's album packages, based around kyles' studio albums from the noughties. i've brought this collection up as the design for this piece was awesome, it managed to stay true to each of the individual album's artwork but also create a running theme linking them all together as a new piece in itself. for someone like madonna, who has put a lot of emphasis on artwork in the past, this new set of collections makes me think she has not had much (if any) input in it's design.

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