Saturday, 27 August 2011

RANDOM : now gaga wants help creating a deluxe edition!!

so i open my inbox and what do i find...

that's right! just like rihanna, gaga now needs YOUR help creating a new special deluxe edition! i'm assuming they are referring to a 'born this way' re-release, that i'm assuming is being planned, that would be released once the tour has begun (as there is mentions of a live DVD and tour merchandise). it is basically a survey which asks what extra music and DVDs you would like added, what kind of extra merchandise you would like included and even what price you'd pay! it has been put together by the same company as the one who arranged rihanna's survey, so a few of the pieces of merch and questions feel like they've been copied and pastes, but as i said before, it does feel good (as a loyal fan) to be asked about my thoughts!

here is the selection of extras that could be included in future deluxe editions :D

seriously, what is with the temporary tattoos!!!! :/

love the idea of "monster bones" being included haha!

i've just ordered my 'born this way' "bike-ga" USB edition...would gladly accept another, updated one!

they then ask to rank your top 3 items to be included:

also what kind of bonus DVD you would like as well :D...

and also (as with the rihanna survey) they gave you possible arrangements of the content and even potential names for them too...

the "platinum limited edition" set

the "standard deluxe limited edition" set

the "gold limited edition" set

then (for all three sets) you were asked how much you would spend and how much value you felt the piece had, when the actual price was revealed

all in all, very similar to the rihanna survey, butttt! i think this is just a starting off point, for the record labels to get their head around potential ideas for the next edition. for me personally, whatever they release i'll buy...but as i said before, the fact they are taking the time and consideration to ask fans their opinions is a really positive move.

if you want to take the survey, click here.

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