Tuesday, 9 August 2011

RANDOM : where's sugababes 'freedom' artwork?!?

well i've been running this blog for about 5 months now and in that time there has been no sugababes-related artwork news to post about (i'm a major sugababes fan and so this is greatly distressing haha!). their new era (sugababes album no. 8) has been on a steady promo trail for a month or so already now (an endorsement with nokia, a performance on "T4 on the beach", the leak of the single 'freedom', the release of 'freedom's video yesterday etc etc) but what i want to know is...where is 'freedom's artwork?!? their promotion so far has felt MAJORly sloppy and disjointed (the first live performance of 'freedom' happening before the studio version was released for example...not many could have been singing along in that crowd...), as a fan i worry that with a lot of critics ready to doubt them, they really can't tread wrong.

so i'm putting it out there....FREE 'FREEDOM'S ARTWORK!!

(and to tide us over...here's their new logo and a fan-made...)

UPDATE : ...annnd finally it was released.

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