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LIMITED EDITION : kylie minogue - kiss me once (limited edition vinyl box set)

So, I felt it was high time for another round of "My Editions" - where I post about a limited edition piece from my personal collection. This time I'll be diving 'Into The Blue' with Kylie Minogue's 'Kiss Me Once (Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set)'. It's a gorgeously kissable, silk cloth-bound box set filled to the brim with sass. So let's get going!

First stop, what's included:

- 12" double vinyl of the standard version of the album 
- Deluxe edition of the album on CD (With exclusive artwork featuring handwritten lipstick text by Kylie herself)
- Card featuring digital download code for the album
- 5 x 12" art prints on heavy paper stock, featuring an exclusive image only in this box set and a hand numbered life size kiss from Kylie
- 12" vinyl sticker sheet with 'Kiss Me Once' lips graphic
- 12" "faux window" featuring raindrops and the album title, so you can recreate the album artwork!
All is contained in a silk cloth-bound 12" vinyl box. 100 copies were signed by Kylie at random.

Next stop...some beautiful images and commentary of this dee-lightful box set:

A close up on that loverly, shimmering silk cloth-bound box. It simply features the 'Kiss Me Once' lips graphic stitched in the middle of the lid and it's hard to get the full effect without holding it in your hands. I spent a solid twenty minutes just stroking it... (in honour of 'Les Sex' and 'Sexercise' of course!). A simple touch, but it really adds to a sense of elegance about the piece.

It's a very slimline box, I was actually quite surprised when it arrived. At first glance it looks like it could only fit in a couple of vinyl - but keep reading to see what else is included.

Lid off and you're greeted by more lips and lipstick...I'm sensing a theme... It really does remind me of Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic', but it's so gorgeous I'm willing to overlook it

Click "Read More" to see the rest of the review and my score for this piece! :)

So here is the CD version of the album included in the set featuring exclusive artwork only seen in the limited edition - Kylie's lipstick handwritten text. A nice thought, but probably the let down of this set. The disc is in a flimsy paper pocket, no CD booklet, no case. I would've preferred to have the actual CD deluxe version included, personally.

Back of the disc pocket, plus disc and digital download card. The disc features the only time in the set we see Adjective Noun's Kylie logo for this era (which I find odd, as usually Kylie's logos play a central role to her album artwork). It's pretty, but feels out of place as it is not seen anywhere else. Love me some of those raindrops though :)

The 5 x 12" art prints

This is the hand numbered life size Kylie kiss (added into the set when the first batch sold out in record time so the production run was upped to 3,500). It's a cute addition.

I believe this is the exclusive image only used in the boxset, another touch I approve of

I always felt this image (used in the 'Into The Blue' artwork) was out of place, when the rest of the artwork was revealed for the album. She's giving off a gorgeous mermaid feel...with fish net dress and all...but I feel it doesn't sit closely to the red leather and lipstick looks seen above...

12" sticker vinyl print of the 'Kiss Me Once' lips graphic...this will never be peeled off! But it's nice to see Kylie using hers, posting a photo to Instagram sticking it to her laptop. 

This is the part I was most excited for (all about the novelty!). It is a "faux-window", featuring raindrops and the album title, for you to recreate the album cover! Such a cute touch and although it's novelty, shows a sense of fun and originality that we know Ms. Minogue for.

I had to place a background to the album title, as it is so translucent it's difficult to see without anything closely behind it. Nice touch all the same. This close up also shows the faux water droplets, it's textured when you run your finger over it...that's twice I've been stopped running my hand over something within this edition (see: silk box lining)!

Here is the 12" double vinyl, enclosed inside a slipcase.

The back of the slipcase and the two individually packaged vinyls.

Each vinyl has it's own packaging, featuring more imagery from the album artwork on the front..

...and back

And the second LP:

The vinyl discs themselves use that personally handwritten lippy text again for the central labels...




Oh go on then :-*

Love this edition, while not Kylie's most original or beautiful piece (see the Goddess Edition...) it is still a well thought out, fun and flirty box set that encompasses all that the fans are looking for - the music and something to run their hand over! The little touches with design really make it, where it falls is the way the CD version of the album is showcased - could of really done with the jewel case version of the release instead of the flimsy paper sleeve. But the double vinyl looks gorgeous and the digital download card gives you the option of MP3s as well, so I can't complain too much. Well done Kylie! See you soon for the next release...

Originality : 7/10
Materials : 10/10 (top points for the silk and textured water droplets!)
Design : 8/10
The music : 8/10
Overall : 8/10

Rarity : All sold out, can only be found on eBay - retailed at £45.
Run: 3, 500 (originally 2, 000 until they sold out in record time)

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