Saturday, 21 January 2012

NEWS : gaga and lauryn hill make surprise entries on yahoo's iconic album covers list! recently revealed a list of what they thought was the top 10 most iconic album covers, among them were the usual suspects: nirvana's 'nevermind', the beatles' 'abbey road' etc. etc...but there was also two surprising entries: lady gaga and lauryn hill. the deluxe edition cover of gaga's 'born this way' came in at number 7 and lauryn hill's legendary 'the miseducation of lauryn hill' came in at number 9. it really surprised me that that the standard version featuring the full image of motorbike-gaga of 'born this way' wasn't chosen, personally i find that cover much more "iconic" than the zoomed in deluxe version. i do love that lauryn is being shown some love, not only is her album a solid masterpiece (we're all still waiting for the follow up...) but the artwork has always stayed with me as one of my all time favourites. check out the rest of the list here.


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