Tuesday, 3 January 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK & LOGO ARTWORK : chelsea korka - the E.P.

once a potential new pussycat doll, then a paradiso girl...now a solo starlet :) chels' is set to release her solo EP this year and begin her journey (again) for chart success! the music i've heard is strong and current, but the artwork and logo (even in LQ form) are weak and dated as all hell :/ you can tell what she's aiming for...but it's not hitting the nail on the head with that "selena gomez circa 2009" styling and type. at the moment the release is still "coming soon", so there's time for a rearrange...starting with the font of 'the E.P.', that is just plain awful.

p.s. will update with the HQ versions, maybe they look better with more pixels...
UPDATE : yeah...it doesn't.

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