Thursday, 28 February 2013

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : charli xcx - true romance

Feels like a Traffic design - especially the typefaces used and minimal layout. Not liking it as much as some of her grittier covers - but so excited for this album!!

Friday, 22 February 2013

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : girls aloud - the collection (studio/b-sides/live)

The GA gals have just begun their 'Ten' reunion arena tour and to help celebrate their back catalogue they have decided to release a cohesive guide to their whole lotta history (REFERENCE!). Set to include seven discs of:

  • The Five studio albums - 'Sound of the Underground', 'What Will The Neighbours Say?', 'Chemistry', 'Tangled Up' and 'Out Of Control'.
  • The complete Xenomania B-sides (did anyone else actually write for them?) and more (another way of saying 'Something Kind of Oooh' and 'Something New' will be included...)
  • 'Tangled Up : Live From the O2' audio disc (previously unreleased)
All of this deluxe-limited-edition-ness will be "housed in a beautiful slipcase hardback book filled with photos, memorabilia and exclusive new sleeve notes". As Nadine would say...NOICE! Check out the promo image of the piece below.

NEW PROMO PIC : justin & jay-z 'legends of the summer stadium tour'

JT continues that "suit n tie shit" with good pal Jay-Z for the mutedly suave poster for up coming summer tour 'Legends Of The Summer'. You like?

NEWS : fantasia accidentally reveals artwork of 'side effects of you'?

So, the other day Ms. Fanny unveiled this image -

With the tweet: "My Baby!!! My Blood, Sweat, Tears, My Name, My Joy, My Pain, My Album...Side Effects Of You!!!!! ROCKSOUL".

Naturally, everyone assumed this was the artwork for the up coming (but just announced that it has been pushed back) fourth album and I actually got excited. It looked to me like it was well executed and had the art direction brief of "ghetto fabulous Vogue editorial" :)


Then it disappeared... with no explanation.

So, tell us Fanny - what's going on??

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : misha b - here's to everything

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : mariah carey - almost home (taken from 'oz the great and powerful')

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : lana del rey - dark paradise (?)

There has been some online-buzz that LDR is releasing 'Born To Die's fan-favourite 'Dark Paradise' as a single...even though she's already moved into a new era of the album with the 'Born To Die : The Paradise Edition'. Ever so slightly confusing, but if she throws down an Americana/vintage clips-tastic video for it, you know we will all be slayed and just love it :) Check out the elegant (possible) single artwork below:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : loreen - in my head

One of my favourite artists from 2012 had to be Loreen - her 'Heal' album was on constant repeat and the Eurovision-banger 'Euphoria' has like a million plays in my iTunes - but since her big debut, her singles have fallen awry. 'My Heart Is Refusing Me' and 'Crying Out Your Name' were meant to be the big double A-side follow up...but nothing appeared on radio or video-wise. Now it's 2013 and Lor' has decided to push songs 'In My Head' and 'Heal', so here's one of their artworks and make sure you check out the video for the album's title track - it's beautiful.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : sabi - champagne

Everyone's favourite vegetable steamer is set to release a new single in the form of 'Champagne'...with a generic glamour shot for the cover. She's stunning, but the typeface falls flat and I really think the black and white filter holds it back - it definitely ain't poppin' like the song's namesake...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : arlissa - ghosts

My new favourite gal, Arlissa, has released a buzz single from her up coming album to give fans a wider taste of what to expect (not giving anything away for that album artwork though, with this muted red cover).

p.s. Anyone know where I can get my hands on that typeface used for her name? It's beautiful!

Monday, 18 February 2013

NEW LIVE ALBUM ARTWORK : emeli sandé - live at the royal albert hall

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : the dream - slow it down

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : usher - go missin'

As a valentine's day gift to the fans, Usher gave out a new song for free - 'Go Missin''

NEW EP ARTWORK : tweet - simply tweet (EP)

Before Twitter blew up and the word "tweet" came forever associated with posting inane chatter online... there was a beautiful and very talented R&B singer who also held the name Tweet. She has been AWOL for a little time, but is now getting ready to release a third album - beginning with whetting the fan's appetites with an EP featuring live recordings of some new music. Check out the simple, yet classy artwork below:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

NEW SINGLE & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : justin timberlake - mirrors & the 20/20 experience (deluxe)

JT keeps that good stuff rolling in - now with the second single from his upcoming 'The 20/20 Experience' album being put online.  The artwork feels simple, muted but very much in keeping with the other visuals revealed so far - so simonsez approves!

AND the deluxe edition cover has been revealed for the album as well (which will be sold exclusively at Target) - not liking it as much as the standard version, but he's still rocking that "suit 'n' tie shit...", so it's all good with me :)

NEW EP & BACK COVER ARTWORK : tiffany evans - 143

Tiff has taken some time out to have a baby and is now unleashing a self-released EP of new music! The logo for her name and image/editing is spot on - the downside for me is that the "143"s type has been so distorted, elongated into this oversized and misshapen form that actually cheapens the cover as a whole.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

DISCOVERED : arlissa

Another one to watch for 2013 (I first heard of her from her amazing throwback duet with Nas 'Hard To Love Somebody'), Arlissa's 'Sticks and Stones' single is slowly creeping onto radio and airplay in the UK and I'm loving it. The artworks are solid as well, so she gets both thumbs up!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : charli xcx - you (ha ha ha)

My favourite new artist from 2012 (that I tip for the top 2013...) is set to release her first official debut single next week and here is the artwork. For me it doesn't compare to the Tumblr/GIF-inspired video...but it's still solid :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : taylor swift - 22

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : justin timberlake - the 20/20 experience

When 'Suit & Tie' appeared online, JT also updated his website ( When first entering the site, a piece opticians equipment appears on screen and focuses so the viewer can read the words "JT The 20/20 Experience". Who guessed that this was a teaser for the very equipment-heavy album artwork?? Featuring a Tom Munro photograph, the cover follows a very similar layout to the single cover - a solid visual theme so far, simonsez approves.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

NEW PROMO PIC : beyoncé 'the mrs. carter show : world tour'

Today saw an image emerge that could be the first promo picture for King B's next step towards world domination...tentatively titled 'The Mrs. Carter Show : World Tour'! She said she has a big announcement after her Superbowl performance tomorrow...who thinks it'll be tour dates??

UPDATE : Today is definitely B-day! Still coming down from the high of her halftime show, then the world tour announcement and with each passing hour more details and promo pics seem to be arising. Such as this new poster:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : chrisette michelle - a couple of forevers

LIVING for that typeface and also the combination of black and white/close up of eyes photograph! :)

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : bridget kelly - in the morning (remix) (ft. meek mill)

Bridget Kelly released one of my favourite EPs of 2012 titled 'Every Girl' - one of the standout tracks was 'In The Morning', which has been given a remix makeover with the help of Meek Mill. Check out the bland artwork below, but check out the track as well!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : dido - no freedom & let us move on (ft. kendrick lamar)

Dido's proper comeback single is 'No Freedom' and here is the "lying on the carpet"-ified visual to go with it. Well done Dido and well done Dido's team.

Allllso - there was a buzz single released for the album at the end of last year, here's the majorly "buzzerific" cover:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : p!nk - just give me a reason (ft. nate reuss)

Meh-central :/ Too many typefaces, awkward colouring on "P!NK" and what looks like a video still image... equals not good in simonsez's opinion. Even though 'Try's artwork was a rip off of Kylie's 'X' cover, it still beats this one hands down.

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : kate nash - girl talk

I really love how Kate keeps the "cut and paste" look to each of her artworks, but also manages to feel completely new and reflective of the music era she is experimenting with. simonsez approves and looks forward to the full artwork layout!