Thursday, 17 October 2013

* BUMPER CHRISTMAS ALBUM POST * NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - wrapped in red, mary j blige - a mary christmas & tamar braxton - winter loverland

So, I held back from posting these albums (even though they were announced over two months ago...), as I was not about to be talking about sleigh bells and bellies like bowls full of jelly while the Summer was still hurr, ya hurr? But it's mid-October now, so I can be coaxed into some Christmas cover chit chat...but lets do it in one big post ;)

Kelly C's album artwork history has had some hits ('Breakaway'/'My December') and misses ('All I Ever Wanted' - ugh, the colour blocking...) and I think her festive release falls on the hit side of the fence. You can get away with a lot of cliche sap when it comes to Christmas visuals (looking at you Mariah), but KC keeps it 100% classy and it's working for me. Loving the little flair of the original-type of "red" and the more understated feel of the whole thing. 9/10

Mary wins on the album title front - ain't nobody going to beat some wordplay! The artwork is pretty much standard fair and could of done with some Kelly-esque typography to jazz it up. 6/10

Tamar only released her debut album a hot minute ago and already she be jumping on the Christmas market #GetMoney #RespectTheHustle! I feel she's gone for a less garish cover this time round, to match the content - but it just feels a little too wimpy to me :/ Liking the fonts though T! 6/10

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