Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NEW SINGLE & ALBUM ARTWORK : ke$ha - die young & warrior (+ NEW LOGO ARTWORK)

SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP AS MS. K$ IS ABOUT TO SLAY YOU ALL! A few days ago she announced new single 'Die Young' with an impromptu performance on a Tokyo kooky!...and the new artwork - see below. (I'm getting elements of a sexed-up Nelly Furtado's 'Folklore'..anyone else?)

AND THEN! Today, the glitter vomit princess unleashed this tacky-but-oh-so-good album cover for her next release 'Warrior'! It's colourful, it's abusive to all five senses, it's a bad trip and it's my new fave :) Who else could pull this off?

Also, I couldn't finish this Ke$ha post without mentioning that flaw-free new logo. Get into it below:

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