Tuesday, 14 June 2011

LIMITED EDITION : jennifer lopez - love? (glitterati edition)

so after waiting agggggges for this to arrive (seriosuly was getting slightly p'd off as its not the first time a "fan edition", which us super fans pay quite a bit extra for, arrives way after the general release that any tom, dick and harry can buy at any supermarket! its not fair!!) anywho, let's get on with some j.lo deluxe 

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putting the "glitter" in "glitterati"...

that's one big sticker! (lovvve me some stickers :D:D)



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the contents....

12" vinyl, containing remixes of 'on the floor'

first of the 4 special collector's prints...

this is the size difference to the actual album

love the fit of the album in the packaging :D

front (of the album)



opening up...

one side of the fold out poster...

...and the other side!


the CD :) the 'glitterati edition' contains the deluxe edition of the album, 4 bonus tracks and the spanish version of 'on the floor!

this edition is a straight forward, well designed deluxe package. to a point it is so straight forward it almost feels a tad unoriginal, but even in saying that it is a well crafted piece and fits in with the rest of this era's artwork and visual direction (this is much down to the art direction of julian peploe, the designer of all jenny-lo's artworks from the 'j.lo' album onward, some of my all time favourite pieces!)

originality : 5/10
materials : 8/10
design : 7/10
the music! : 8.5/10
overall : 7/10

rarity : not very, available from jenny's website, eBay, amazon etc. and doesn't look close to selling out, the rarity would step up if it was the autographed edition of the piece, supposedly only 100 of those editions being in rotation...

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